All the information you'll need to get prepared for your guided fishing trip.


-Printed version of valid fishing license for each person (MANDATORY).

*For all guided trips, it is best to bring layers to cover all conditions, as the weather can change significantly throughout your day of fishing.*

-Light pants and or shorts for summer trips

-Warm pants for winter/fall trips

-Sunglasses (preferably polarized)


-Bug Repellent

-Raincoat/Windbreaker (Essential... This is BC!)

-Sweater (wool if you have it)

-Fleece is very useful in our climate


-Hat for sun protection (with brim)

-Waders and Boots (if you have them) *NO SPIKED BOOTS IN THE BOAT PLEASE*

-All Gear is provided - however, you are welcome to bring any personal rods or gear that you may prefer to use. Please keep in mind that your equipment may not be suitable for our species in which case you would be expected to use the gear provided by Bent Rods.

-FOR STURGEON FISHING - EXPECT TO ENTER THE WATER FOR FISH LANDINGS - We carry waders for this, however, many people prefer to bring appropriate attire for this such as a pair of shoes that can be worn in the water (not flip flops or sandals that will come off easily), shorts, extra socks and extra pants

-Camera and/or Video Camera
-Plenty of food/snacks to last at least 8 hours (unless you have ordered lunch from us)
-Any required Personal Medication (painkillers, anti-nausea, etc.)

For Salmon Fishing: leave a cooler with ice in your vehicle for taking home your catch at the end of the day

Fishing License & Regulations

Each person must purchase their own fishing license prior to their day(s) of fishing. The licensing required for your fishing trip will vary depending on the type of fishing, and timing of your trip.
Once your guided fishing trip is booked, we will give very clear instructions as to what exact licensing is required.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online OR you can visit your local tackle store to purchase.

*We suggest purchasing your licensing the day before or morning of your fishing trip.
Please avoid purchasing your fishing license(s) too far in advance. The government does not offer fishing license refunds regardless of the reasoning, so if your trip needed to be rescheduled for any reason, you may not receive a fishing license refund.*


Directions to Mission Boat Launch

Directions to Island 22 Boat Launch

Directions to Barrowtown Boat Launch

Your guide will be waiting for you at shore - If you have any trouble please give Rod a call at 604 845 9893!

Airport Pickup/Drop off

We offer complimentary airport PICK UP for guests fishing for 3 DAYS or more. (This does not include transportation back to the airport at the end of your trip.)
If your fishing trip is less than 3 days, we offer pick up from the airport for a fee ranging from $75-$150, depending on which airport you are flying with.
We offer airport return/drop off for the same fee.

Vancouver Airport
YVR - Vancouver National Airport is located about 1.5 hours from Chilliwack, where we are based. Typically if you are flying in from outside of Canada, you will be flying into Vancouver Airport. The fee that we charge for pick up & drop off to/from Vancouver Airport is $150 each way.
(If your trip is 3 days long or more, pick up is complimentary.)
YVR website:

Abbotsford Airport
YXX - Abbotsford National Airport is located about 40 minutes from Chilliwack. If you will be flying domestically, Abbotsford Airport is likely to be the most convenient option in terms of closer proximity to where you will be fishing. The fee that we charge for pick up & drop off to/from Abbotsford Airport is $75 each way.
(If your trip is 3 days long or more, pick up is complimentary.)
YXX website:

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