All the info you'll need to book & prepare for your guided fishing trip.

HOW TO BOOK. The steps to secure your fishing trip:

1. Decide how many people will be fishing. This can be adjusted after booking if needed.

2. Decide on your desired fishing date(s) and check with us or our online calendar to ensure availability. If you need Rod’s
suggestion on this, just let us know. At this point we will provide you with a quote/invoice.

3. Make payment.

With one of the payment options listed below you can pay a 50% deposit now,
then pay the remaining balance on the morning of your fishing trip.

You are welcome to pay the full amount right away if you prefer.
If you choose to book via our website online booking calendar, payment in full is required at booking.

Once your trip is booked with your payment, we will send a confirmation email with all instructions and information required for you to be ready for your fishing trip.

This will include directions, where and when you meet your fishing guide, what to bring, and how/what/where to buy your
fishing licensing. 


1. OUR PREFERRED OPTION: E-transfer to (auto deposit enabled)
2. Credit card payment can be made by telephone, text or email ( whichever you are most comfortable with.
3. PayPal funds can be sent to
4. We most gratefully accept CASH payments in person.
Fishing guests may pay the balance with cash on the day of fishing. Initial booking of fishing trips and placing of tackle orders is done remotely, not allowing for in person cash payment.

More info in case you were wondering...

  • All required bait/tackle/lures are included in cost with your boat and fishing guide. 
  • You are welcome to bring your own food/lunches- or you can purchase lunch from us at the time of booking.
  • The boat is exclusive to your group- you will not be fishing with other guests that you don’t know.
  • All of our fishing trips from the boat are a full 8 hour day unless you select the 10 hour day option (or one of our limited 4 hour Sturgeon afternoons).

    Typical start times:
    Sturgeon from the jet boat: 8:00am, Island 22 boat launch
    Salmon from the jet boat: 7:30am, Island 22 boat launch
    Steelhead on foot: 7:00am, Vedder/Chilliwack River
    Salmon on foot half day: 6:30am or 1:00pm, Vedder/Chilliwack River
    Salmon on foot full day: 6:30am, Vedder/Chilliwack River


All fishing gear and bait/tackle is provided- however- you are welcome to bring any personal rods or gear that you may prefer to use. *Please keep in mind that your equipment may not be suitable for our species, in which case you would be expected to use the gear provided by Bent Rods.

‌WHAT TO BRING for all guided fishing trips


Valid, appropriate fishing license for each person (mandatory)
Bug Repellent
Camera and/or Video Camera
Plenty of water or beverage, and food or snacks to last at least 8 hours (unless you have ordered lunch from us)
Any required Personal Medication (painkillers, anti-nausea, etc.)
If you plan to retain fish: leave a cooler with ice in your vehicle for taking home your catch at the end of the day during the warmer months.

For all guided fishing trips, it is best to bring layers to cover all conditions. The weather can change significantly throughout your day of fishing.
Light pants and or shorts for summer trips
Warm pants for winter/fall trips
Sunglasses all year (preferably polarized)
Raincoat/Windbreaker *essential… this is B.C.!
Sweater (wool if you have it)
A fleece long sleeved is very useful in our climate
Hat for sun protection- hat with brim OR hat for warmth with ear coverage
Gloves for cooler weather- fishing style, fingerless are preferable
Waders and Boots (see additional notes below)
We can provide waders for sizes SMALL to XXL. For all sizes outside of this range, you will be required to have your own.

Waders are NOT required for fishing from the boat, however, with Sturgeon fishing- EXPECT TO ENTER THE WATER FOR FISH LANDINGS.
We carry waders for this, but some people prefer not to wear them. You can bring alternative appropriate attire for this such as a pair of shoes that can be worn in the water (not flip flops or sandals that will come off easily), shorts, extra socks and extra pants.

Please bring a comfortable back pack to carry your things. You will need your hands free for fishing and walking.
Waders and boots ARE required for most of the year. For wet wading in the warmer summer months, Rod likes to wear shorts and a pair of wading boots with an extra pair of thick socks (to fill in the extra boot space sans waders).
Dressing warm enough for Winter Steelheading is very important. Do not forget gloves.

Fishing License & Regulations

Each person must purchase their own fishing license prior to their day(s) of fishing. The licensing required for your fishing trip will vary depending on the type of fishing, and timing of your trip.
Once your guided fishing trip is booked, we will give very clear instructions as to what exact licensing is required.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online OR you can visit your local tackle store to purchase.

*We suggest purchasing your licensing the day before or morning of your fishing trip.
Please avoid purchasing your fishing license(s) too far in advance. The government does not offer fishing license refunds regardless of the reasoning, so if your trip needed to be rescheduled for any reason, you may not receive a fishing license refund.*

What to expect

... on your day of Salmon or Sturgeon fishing from the boat!
Typically, you will meet your fishing guide at the Island 22 boat launch on Cartmell Rd. in Chilliwack between 7:30 am and 8:30 am.
During peak season, there is a gatehouse booth as you enter the parking area of Island 22 Regional Park. You will be required to pay a small parking fee, roughly $5 for the day (they accept cash and cards).
Rod likes to arrive early to prep the boat, the gear, and himself for an awesome day of hardcore fishing!
Please be mindful of the time, and try not to arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Being an early bird in this scenario might throw your guide off his game and you don’t want that, haha!
Once everyone has climbed on board, Rod will give you a very quick safety rundown regarding life jackets, first aid, and emergency supplies. If you have any additional safety questions at that time or throughout the day, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask!
As soon as everyone has settled into a seat on the boat, and maybe made a last minute visit to the outhouse at Island 22 shore, you will be off for your fishing adventure on the Fraser/Harrison River! There is no toilet on the boat, so if you need to go during the day, it will be a nature visit.
Your fishing guide will be prepared with all of the gear and bait/tackle required for your day of fishing. Once he has found the first fishing hole of the day, he will get the rods loaded and in the water, and proceed with any instruction you’ll need to catch your fish!
You can expect your guide to move fishing spots at least a few times throughout the day, unless of course you happen to find a spot that is on fire, hooking fish all day long!
Where exactly on the river(s) you will be fishing changes each day, depending on the conditions and where the fish are sitting or travelling. The Harrison River runs into the Fraser, so on some days you might fish in both! There is a pretty significant colour difference between the two rivers, and most of the time you can see a pretty sharp line of colour as you travel from the darker Fraser River, into the clear watered Harrison.
After an awesome day of fishing and taking in the outdoors, you will travel back to the Island 22 boat launch where your adventure began. (Our fishing trips from the boat are a full day, 8 hours long)
Be sure to remember all of your belongings from the boat, and if anything is left behind, please be sure to let us know as soon as you notice.

What to expect

... on a day of Walk ‘N Wade/ On foot fishing Salmon or Steelhead
Typically, you will meet your fishing guide at a little general store called ‘On The Way Store’, located on Chilliwack Lake Road #1, which runs along the Vedder/Chilliwack river. We try to schedule your start time to meet Rod as the sun is just rising, 6:30 am- 7:30 am.
If you are doing an afternoon fishing trip, you will most likely be scheduled to meet Rod outside of the store at 1:00 pm as he parts way with his morning fishing guest.
Once parked and acquainted with Rod, you will promptly dress in your waders and boots, load up your back pack, and lock your vehicle to head out for a full day of fishing and exploring!
You will want to make sure that you have everything needed for the day in your pack (all your food and drink, etc.) as you will be a long way from your vehicle before you know it!
*Please avoid bringing glass bottles, for obvious reasons.
You can expect to do a fair bit of hiking, so if you need a break or a slow down at any point, please say so! You will do quite a bit more walking during a day of Steelhead fishing than in a day of Salmon fishing. Rod is focused on covering as much ground as needed to guide you into a highly productive day of fishing while you’re out, so again, please just let him know if you need a break, as he may not pick up on this. While you may encounter an outhouse along the trail (depending on your fishing area and route for the day), your bathroom breaks will most likely be nature stops. Please come prepared with anything you might need for this.
During your river exploration on foot, you may need to cross water to reach the ideal fishing spots. Rod does not attempt any difficult water crossings/wading, unless his guest angler is very confident in their ability to safely do so.
Casting ability, fitness level, and fishing rod and reel requirements will be hashed out when you complete our checklist questionnaire long before your day of fishing. This helps Rod to have a better idea of what your needs and goals are.
Rod suggests fishing a level wind, in order to make the casts he will be encouraging of you. Level wind is the reel style he supplies for guests.
If you choose to bring and use your own gear, and you are choosing to fish a centerpin- please be sure that you are able to make difficult, far casts across the river- and that you are able to cast with quite limited back cast room. We often fish from very small clearings in the bush that require little to no back cast distance. This is one of the main reasons Rod has switched to fishing low profile bait caster reels.
Braided line is stronger and floats on the water, which makes for better line control and presentations in this fishing environment.


Directions to Mission Boat Launch

Directions to Island 22 Boat Launch

Directions to Barrowtown Boat Launch

Your guide will be waiting for you at shore - If you have any trouble please give Rod a call at 604 845 9893!

Airport Pickup/Drop off

We offer complimentary airport PICK UP for guests fishing for 3 DAYS or more. (This does not include transportation back to the airport at the end of your trip.)
If your fishing trip is less than 3 days, we offer pick up from the airport for a fee ranging from $100-$200, depending on which airport you are flying with.
We offer airport return/drop off for the same fee.

Vancouver Airport
YVR - Vancouver National Airport is located about 1.5 hours from Chilliwack, where we are based. Typically if you are flying in from outside of Canada, you will be flying into Vancouver Airport. The fee that we charge for pick up & drop off to/from Vancouver Airport is $200 each way.
(If your trip is 3 days long or more, pick up is complimentary.)
YVR website:

Abbotsford Airport
YXX - Abbotsford National Airport is located about 40 minutes from Chilliwack. If you will be flying domestically, Abbotsford Airport is likely to be the most convenient option in terms of closer proximity to where you will be fishing. The fee that we charge for pick up & drop off to/from Abbotsford Airport is $100 each way.
(If your trip is 3 days long or more, pick up is complimentary.)
YXX website:

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