Sterling H. - "Hey Rod just wanted to share my story with you. Thursday we had our fire department fishing derby. I got nothing but did win a half pack of your steelhead beads. So I tied up some new leaders with you awesome beads and headed out yesterday. After covering a bunch of nice water and fading light my float dropped and this tank gave me the fight of my life. Not sure how big he was but had to push 18-20. Anyway your beads are awesome dude! Your 20mm coho beads I bought last year were lethal on the coho! Take care!" -March 2022

Ronnie Gunn - "I fish multiple rivers on Vancouver Island, main focus being steelhead, trout and coho. Using a wide variety of Bent Rods Twitching Jigs, my favorites being Pink Panther, Night Walker, The Hooker and Bloodstone, also 10-14 mm soft beads and worms Nectarine Blood, Money Hot Pink and Speckled Blood orange! Love it all, Bent Rods worms are tougher then most making them last longer then the average worm on the market. I most definitely recommend all Bent Rods Fishing Tackle. - Riverquest Charters, Vancouver Island BC" -March 2022

Richard Danyluk - “Each time out ice fishing I use Bent Rods Jigs. I can rely on them to catch fish consistently, they are durable and they last. I specifically use the 1/16 ounce UV sparkle jigs. My friends refer to them as “he has got that hook on again!” Their customer service is great, you will never be disappointed!!“ -January 1st, 2019

Kaitlyn Bogas - "I can wholeheartedly vouch for not only the effectiveness, but also the durability of this Jig (Dog Pounder). I've fished them on huge Squamish dawgs, and they last an amazingly long time before they're finally throttled. No other Jig outperforms on Chum, and as well, Squamish Coho." -October 25th, 2016

Troy Kawasaki - "Thank you for helping me get into my first Steelhead. I had a great time over the two days, and I will be booking more trips with you guys over the next few months for sure." -March 30th, 2018

Rachel Abgrall - "It was all around an awesome day!! Thanks for having us! Looking forward to fishing with Bent Rod's in the future!" -November 14th, 2017

Bentley Lewis - "I want to thank you guys for my Jig order. I received it today. It came less than one day after ordering it. Awesome." -March 6, 2018

Will Wildeboer - "Just wanted to thank Rod for a great day yesterday. We all felt like Rod went above and beyond to make a beautiful day epic. We really enjoyed all aspects of the day ... You definitely know your trade and your passion."
-October 29th 2017

Patricia Soth - "We had a wonderful day fishing today! Thanks for all of the organizing that you put into making our day happen ... You looked after everything and we just showed up! Every detail was looked after." -June 29th, 2014

"We enjoyed ourselves a lot. It was such a nice day, one we won't forget. Rod knows his stuff for sure." -October 25th, 2016

"Thanks for the great day on the river in September. We had a wonderful time, and our tales and photos have been the envy of all our friends, family and coworkers ... Everyone in our crew commented on how great Rod was. Handling Sturgeon up close was a huge thrill for all of us, and Rod's commitment to conserving them definitely shone through."
-October 14th, 2016

Raymond Hadden - "Thank you for a truly great fishing experience. It was worth every penny. We will be telling everyone to hire you for their fishing trips." -July 28th, 2015

"We sure enjoyed the fishing trip and appreciated all of Rod's efforts to make it a memorable experience for my brothers and myself." -February 3rd, 2015

Carla Donnelly - "What a perfect day we had!! I want to thank you very much for making this day so great ... Rod was extremely knowledgeable of the River, helpful in teaching us techniques, tells great stories, and is very easy to get along with ... For first time Sturgeon Fishermen, who could have asked for a better introduction than to get a small, medium, and then to end the day off with a large fish. WOW, perfect! The Pinks were a blast. Love Twitching. Never knew of that technique before. Danena, it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. It is always nice to put a face to a name. Rod spoke of you and the kids often, so it was great to meet you in person." -August 29th, 2011

"Thank-you again for a fantastic Sturgeon fishing trip... We're still talking about it. Your fish and fishing knowledge is top notch." -July 7th, 2014

Cassidy Norris Peters - "Awesome jig classes! Learned a lot from you. Tight lines! Thanks for the Jigs." -October 2nd, 2017

Peter Hyslop - "Thank you guys so much. I had a great time yesterday. Every time I go out I want to be a better fisherman and yesterday I achieved that. I learned so much and that knowledge will carry me forward to better myself more in the future ... I know Rod made every effort to get us into the right kind of situations to have the best chance of getting into something. I will definitely call upon you again for future fishing adventures. Thank you for providing a great day on the water."
-March 8th, 2018