Bent Rods Inc. meets the needs of hardcore fishermen! We foster determination and comradery through guided fishing experiences, and supply fishermen with durable tackle that catches fish! We provide all services and products with friendly, accountable service.

Rod’s Guided Fishing Trips

  • Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trip

    Book your sturgeon fishing adventure today!  Bent Rods Guiding is world renowned for our ability to consistently catch Sturgeon for our clients.  Anglers from around the globe visit us every season to catch these hard fighting fish.
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  • Guided Steelhead Fishing Trip

    The elusive and highly sought after Steelhead. Considered the greatest sport fish to chase in the world! Bent Rods will give you our best lessons, locations and tips for catching this chrome, sea-run fish.
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  • Guided Coho Salmon Fishing Trip

    The Coho Salmon, also referred to as the Silver Salmon, is one of the most highly sought after game fish of the Pacific Ocean and the many rivers that run into it. Bent Rods Guiding is your ticket to Fraser River Valley Coho Salmon action.
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  • Chinook Salmon Trip

    At Bent Rods guiding we concentrate our Chinook efforts in the Vedder River and a number of valley tributaries which enjoy strong runs of these great fish. We employ a whole array of techniques, as different times of the season call for different approaches to catch these amazing fish. We are offering Walk N Wades, with same pricing for one or two (max) anglers! For more information on this trip, please visit our Chinook Guided Trip info page!
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  • Chum Salmon Trip

    One of the hardest fighting game fish. When Rod puts you into a Chum Salmon you better hope your arms are ready. In the Fraser River Valley we receive one of the largest Chum runs in the world. Famous Rivers like the Chilliwack, Harrison, Stave, Chehalis and Nicomen systems all boast large returns of Chum Salmon.
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  • Pink Salmon Trip

    The Pink Salmon is the smallest of the Salmon family, but certainly one of the most sporting, abundant and easy to catch. The Pink Salmon will readily attack almost any well presented lure or fly, but anglers truly dialed in on these fish record daily catches that are too numerous to keep track of.
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Fishing Guide Ronnie Gunn, who fishes out of Vancouver Island BC using Bent Rods Tackle.

"I fish multiple rivers on Vancouver Island, main focus being steelhead, trout and coho. Using a wide variety of Bent Rods Twitching Jigs, my favorites being Pink Panther, Night Walker, The Hooker and Bloodstone, also 10-14 mm soft beads and worms Nectarine Blood, Money Hot Pink and Speckled Blood orange! Love it all, Bent Rods worms are tougher then most making them last longer then the average worm on the market. I most definitely recommend all Bent Rods Fishing Tackle."

- Ronnie Gunn
Riverquest Charters, Vancouver Island BC

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  • To Peg or Not To Peg

    Tried and true methods of rigging soft beads for picky steelhead.

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