BOMBASTIC Worm and Jig Head Pack
BOMBASTIC Worm and Jig Head Pack
BOMBASTIC Worm and Jig Head Pack
BOMBASTIC Worm and Jig Head Pack

BOMBASTIC Worm and Jig Head Pack


The Bombastic worm and jig head pack is designed for water with some colour, or bigger waters.
This assortment of bright and flashy colours are all proven Steelhead catching options. 
Although I designed this pack for higher, more coloured conditions, I wouldn't hesitate to try these anytime in other conditions.
Sometimes you gotta WAKE 'EM UP!
Tight Lines & Bent Rods!



5x chartreuse 1/4 oz lead jig heads (Owner hook)
5x cherry 1/4 oz lead jig heads (Owner hook)
5x white 1/4 oz lead jig heads (Owner hook)
5x pink 1/4 oz lead jig heads (Owner hook)
5x split colour chart/cherry 1/4 oz lead jig heads (Owner hook)


6x toxic avenger 3.5" viper tail worm
6x gila monster 3.5" viper tail worm
6x hot pink prism 3.5" viper tail worm
6x pink lemonade 3.5" viper tail worm
6x classic pink 3.5" viper tail worm


4x toxic avenger 4.5" viper tail worm
4x gila monster 4.5" viper tail worm
4x hot pink prism 4.5" viper tail worm
4x pink lemonade 4.5" viper tail worm
4x classic pink 4.5" viper tail worm


Our soft plastics are hand made by Rod at our home business location.
Consistency of colour batches is not guaranteed.
Each batch will have slight variations in shade, pigment, opaqueness, glitter quantity, etc.


Soft plastics are made in Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Lead head jig hooks are painted in Chilliwack, BC, Canada


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Specs & Details
Bent Rods Jigs, Soft Plastics, and Spinners are designed and created by hand here in Bent Rod's workshop in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Our raw materials and components are imported from Canadian and American suppliers. All order items are shipped together, no partial or multipart shipments.

Quality and Innovation

Bent Rod's Jigs are hand made with premium hooks and materials. We are proud to offer durable tackle that catches fish.