Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy


Standard: 1/o Hook with 11/32 Bead
Small: #1 Hook with 9/32 Bead

Pink Schlappen Feather
over Light Pink Bunny
with Sparkle Tail

-60 degree bend Sickle Hook
-Brass Bead in assorted Nickel or Brass finish
*bead finish not optional

Special thanks to Pin-up Perfection Photography and Dixie Delight for this month's Cotton Candy Flare!

The Cotton Candy Jig is one of our most popular jigs for catching Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout. A little dose of sparkle with the ever deadly pink, creates and irresistible combination! Float fish this hot little jig, and good things follow!

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Specs & Details
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