LET'S GO Minnow PERCH 3.5
LET'S GO Minnow PERCH 3.5
LET'S GO Minnow PERCH 3.5
LET'S GO Minnow PERCH 3.5

LET'S GO Minnow PERCH 3.5", 12 pack


The LET'S GO Minnow is a great finesse minnow imitation. It has a sturdy front section for rigging, and a thin back section that wiggles and dances to attract fish. It can be fished using jig heads, drop shot style, with hover technique, damiki rigged, or as a trailer on a jig, spinnerbait or bladed jig. Don't be fooled, SMALL minnow baits catch BIG Bass!


Each Minnow is 3.5" in length, 12 per pack


Dark green back. Yellow belly with orange accent.


Made in Chilliwack, BC, Canada


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Specs & Details

COLOUR VARIATION Our soft plastics are hand made by Rod at our home business location. Consistency of colour batches is not guaranteed. Each batch will have slight variations in shade, pigment, opaqueness, glitter quantity, etc. The blend level in our split colour soft beads varies with each batch.  Some beads come out with a sharp line contrast between the two colours, while others come out with a more twisted/blended colour mix. Bent Rods Jigs, Soft Plastics, and Spinners are designed and created by hand here in Bent Rod's workshop in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Our raw materials and components are imported from Canadian and American suppliers. All order items are shipped together, no partial or multipart shipments.