• BIG Steelhead- The Quest

    Over my 30 plus years of chasing Steelhead, I have been blessed with the opportunity to catch some very large fish.While some will say you have to be lucky to...


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  • Straight Tippin'

    Straight Tippin’ December 2022 Over the years of Steelheading, one thing I have learned is that these creatures are very curious and are often very aggressive towards things that wiggle,...


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  • Egg Eaters of Late Fall

    With the Salmon spawning season coming to an end, the great egg feast is well underway for all of the other fish who reside in our rivers. Bull Trout, Dolly...


    Tags: Float Fishing river trout

  • Simply Irresistible, Fishing Soft Plastic Leeches

    Excited like a child at Christmas, I arrived at a beautiful lake in the Kamloops area. It had been more than a year since I last fished an interior lake....


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  • To Peg or Not To Peg

    In my many years of Steelhead fishing, one of the keys to my success has been using presentations that have a high landing ratio. Early in my Steelhead fishing adventures,...


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  • Float Fishing 101

    Float Fishingby Rod Toth - Bent Rods Guiding   Although float fishing has been used for hundreds of years and throughout the world, the type I will speak of is...


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