• BIG Steelhead- The Quest

    Over my 30 plus years of chasing Steelhead, I have been blessed with the opportunity to catch some very large fish.While some will say you have to be lucky to...


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  • Vedder River Steelhead Season

    One question I am often asked is, “When is the best time to try for Steelhead on the Vedder River?”, so here I will try to give a quick breakdown...


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  • September Magic

    If I had to choose only one month to fish in B.C., without a doubt it would be the beautiful month of September. While great fishing opportunities exist throughout every...


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  • The Name Game

    In the sport of fishing, and river fishing more specifically, run names are a fun, interesting, and comical side game! When I was in my beginning stages of river fishing,...


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  • Straight Tippin'

    Straight Tippin’ December 2022 Over the years of Steelheading, one thing I have learned is that these creatures are very curious and are often very aggressive towards things that wiggle,...


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  • Got Game?

    One aspect of fishing not often discussed, is game planning. As a fishing guide, having a solid game plan for each day of fishing is essential to my success. For...


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  • To Peg or Not To Peg

    In my many years of Steelhead fishing, one of the keys to my success has been using presentations that have a high landing ratio. Early in my Steelhead fishing adventures,...


    Tags: Float Fishing steelhead trout

  • Steelhead Broodstock- Fishing For The Future

    Steelhead Broodstock- Fishing For The FutureChilliwack River A 4x4 speeds up a gravel road on a cold, crisp, February morning. Inside are two hardcore steelhead bums and a DFO employee...


    Tags: steelhead

  • Sight Fishing

    Just some quick info here to get you on your way to a successful day of sight fishing for salmon or steelhead in your favorite river or creek.First off, of...


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